A school in Arnold has benefitted from the expertise of optical staff from Specsavers, who visited the children to give them an insight into how the eye functions.

A word from the Optom director

Vineet Nehra, Optom director, and Jayne Nuthall, in-store trainer, from the store on Front Street visited Richard Bonington Primary and Nursery School on Tuesday 19 June.

The pair spoke to youngsters about visiting the opticians and what happens in an eye test, as well as how to maintain healthy eyes.

Interactive opportunities 

The children then took part in interactive activities, including eye tests for letters, colour vision and 3D vision, and a game of ‘pin the glasses on the face’.

‘We were delighted to be invited into the school and offer the children a glimpse into the world of eyesight,’ said Vineet. ‘Visiting the optician can be a daunting experience for a young child, so we wanted to show them a friendly face and make them familiar with the process of an eye test – as well as educating them about keeping their eyes healthy.

‘Children’s eyesight is a real priority for us. Much of what children learn in their early years and then at school is visual, so having a problem with their eyes can have a huge impact on their development. We go by the mantra of ‘eight is too late’ and encourage parents to book children in for their first test before they start school, as by eight years old any problems are likely to become a lot more difficult to treat.’  

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