Specsavers Arnold has received some positive feedback from a customer about their additional service for patients who suffer from visual stress (Irlen Syndrome).

Visual stress presents itself with perceptual distortion and general discomfort when reading printed text, it may also cause sensitivity to patterns and in particular stripes.

The unique test, called a colorimetry test, is available to customers who are particularly prone to the condition, including those with dyslexia, suspected dyslexia and migraine sufferers.

Customer praise

Customer Allison Gordon, whose daughter took advantage of the new test, was delighted with the effect on her child.

‘I am still amazed by her rapid improvement in reading with her colour lenses,’ she said. ‘Sophie and I keep talking about it and she is beyond excited about her own capabilities, now shown, and her realised intelligence. For a parent this boost in confidence in her is a pure gift and will be a boost to her learning and future potential.

‘She has dyslexia but now life, learning and reading has become brighter.’

During the test, a dispensing optician uses a light box with coloured filters to determine the specific colour and density which will ease visual stress. The team then create personalised coloured lenses to these requirements.

'Thank you'

Allison continued: ‘I personally want to thank you for your approach to her, calm, fun, informative and nurturing and for your gentle reassuring that she understood each part of the assessment.

‘As I live with dyslexia, I felt it was a must to show just how much I wanted to say thank you.’

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