Customers at Specsavers hearing centre in Arnold can meet a local hearing dog while benefitting from a walk-in clinic and hearing aid discounts at their event on Saturday 30 April.

Special offer

To mark the launch of some innovative new hearing technology and raise awareness of ear health and hearing loss, the Specsavers team at the store on Front Street will be running a walk-in clinic throughout the day for customers over 60 to have a hearing check. They will also be offering £50 discount to those who buy a hearing aid on the day.

Audiology partner, Emma Coveney, will be previewing a new video otoscope; hearing technology which allows customers to view pictures of inside their ear and allows the audiologist to observe the eardrum in greater focus and colour, helping them to detect early signs of any abnormalities. 

Furry visitor

Hearing Dogs volunteer Don Sharpe will also be making an appearance at the store accompanied by hearing dog Mitchell. He will give customers an insight into the charity and talk about deafness and hearing issues. 

‘We’re all really excited about our hearing day,’ said Emma. ‘There are some great things on offer for our customers, especially for the over 60s, to highlight the importance of good earcare as we get older. 

‘We’re really grateful to Hearing Dogs volunteer Don for agreeing to come in and talk to our customers about the work that the charity does in the local community. It will be a real treat to have Mitchell in store and I’m sure our customers will enjoy scratching his ears. Also watch out for a member of the team dressed up in the Specsavers Big Ear costume!’

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