A keyworker in Armthorpe has thanked her local opticians after her cheeky canine had mistaken her bifocals for a dog chew.


Sarah Carling, had a ruff start to the week when she noticed her five-month-old Staffy, Bear, had destroyed her lenses which she needs for work.


Sarah paid a visit to her local Specsavers in Armthorpe, which remains open for essential care, and was quickly helped by the store’s Optometrist Director, Jennifer Long.

Great support

Sarah comments: 'I couldn’t have asked for more support and understanding from Jennifer in store, given the ridiculousness of the situation. Although we had a good laugh together at what happened, thankfully, the store was able to quickly replace my lenses safely so I could get back to work.


'As I’m a key-worker, a set back like this could have had a much bigger impact on those I look after if I couldn’t get a replacement and get back to work in time.


'Although his tail was well and truly between his legs, Bear is only five months, so we couldn’t stay mad for long.'


She concludes: 'He’s chewing everything at the moment, but you’d think a pair of glasses wouldn’t be all that appetising! On a positive note, however, he was absolutely fine from it, so no expensive vet costs for us!'

A word from Jennifer

Jennifer Long, the store’s optometry director, comments: 'We’ve all heard the old excuse of a dog eating our homework before, but I was taken aback when I heard about Sarah’s situation!


'Although we’re currently operating with a skeleton staff at the moment, we remain on-hand to support anyone across the region, and especially key workers like Sarah with various eye conditions.'


If anyone is required to attend the store for emergencies, they will be asked to do so – and key workers will be prioritised. Any face-to-face contact will be minimal, handled in-line with the current Government’s guidelines.

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