Stuart McCormack, 36, thought he had simply suffered a migraine at a friend’s wedding. Fearing his symptoms were more serious, Stuart sought professional help from his doctor.

Stuart's story

 ‘I developed a severe headache, vision loss and pins and needles while at a friend’s wedding. My GP ordered some blood tests and advised me to have an eye examination.

I called Specsavers in Arbroath and they booked me an appointment for the next day.

My optician, Marc Funair, said my eyes were healthy, but he wasn’t happy with my peripheral vision and recommended I should undergo tests at the hospital. A CT scan confirmed I’d had a stroke and I was immediately admitted and put on medication.

The importance of eye-tests

I’ve been really lucky. I’ve lost a bit of sight, but had I not gone to Specsavers when I did, this could have gone undetected and who knows what could have happened.

Marc’s professionalism probably saved my life.’

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