A Carnoustie man has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes following a trip to Specsavers Arbroath. Scott Melville visited Specsavers in Arbroath when his vision started to blur in December. 

The optometrist suspected there was an underlying issue with his general health rather than a specific issue with eyes and advised him to see his doctor, who confirmed he has the condition. As a result of the diagnosis, the 44 year old dad has undergone a major lifestyle change and is feeling better than he has done in years.

Loss of vision

Scott said: ‘I left the RAF about two years ago and started working in Aberdeen for a company involved with offshore oil. It was a completely different role and, living in Carnoustie, it was quite a long commute which impacted on my diet.

I then injured my knee which affected my exercise routine. It was just a vicious circle and my weight crept up. Just before Christmas I woke up one morning and I couldn’t focus, my eyesight was blurry, I was thirsty and I needed the toilet more regularly than I would normally. I put it down to tiredness but after a few days I knew I needed to get checked.’

Since being diagnosed, Scott has lost almost three stone in weight by following a new diet and he is also walking more while his knee continues to heal.

Scott continued: ‘I never want to experience my eye sight blurring again, it was quite scary and it was a total wake-up call. I have so much more energy now and I am fitting back into clothes I haven’t in a couple of years. I am really grateful to the team at Specsavers for their advice and support.

The optometrist was brilliant, very thorough and listened to my symptoms and suggested I see my doctor before he would consider prescribing glasses. After visiting the store I went to a local pharmacist in Arbroath who did a sugar level check and they recommended I visit the doctors as well.'                                                 

Raise awareness 

Scott is keen to raise awareness of his story and encourage people to get regular examinations. He said: ‘An eye test is so much more than people think, so if anyone does notice a change in their routine, get yourself checked out as early as possible.’

Jamie Buchan, store director at Specsavers Arbroath, said: ‘Scott was naturally quite alarmed when his vision blurred and we were pleased that he came into store to get his sight checked out.

His situation demonstrates how much your eyes can be affected by diet and lifestyle. After listening to Scott’s symptoms and examining his eyes, we knew he needed to be seen by his doctor and it’s great to hear that he is doing so well and that his vision has fully returned.

If anyone has any concerns about their eyesight please do visit us in our newly expanded store in the Abbeygate Shopping Centre.’  

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