Specsavers Antrim are on a pro-active drive to further increase their skills to detect signs of glaucoma in customers and to add to their eye care expertise generally.

Professional qualifications

Store director Davin Quinn explains, ‘Glaucoma is the second biggest cause of blindness in the world but with no symptoms in the early stages many people are unaware that they have it. Regular sight tests which include a ‘puff test’ can pick up the early signs which greatly improves the chance of saving someone’s vision.’

Improving detection

‘Whilst our optometrists are qualified to detect the early signs of the disease through the puff test we are always keen to extend our knowledge and increase our skills. To this end I have completed a 12-week course at Ulster University which included theoretical and practical approaches to improving detection and management of the condition.

'As a result, I now have the Professional Certificate in Glaucoma.’

Additional training

‘I am also delighted that my optometrist colleague, Helen Woodside, and I have also completed three further courses organised by Wales Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre. These included Glaucoma and Cataract Management as well as Acute Red Eye Management.

'Optometrist Pauline Farrell who works in our store each Saturday also has qualified in Acute Red Eye Management. Like every professional involved in health care it is really important to keep up-to-date with new thinking and new techniques.

'The combination of distance learning and practical workshops which we have undergone and which we will continue to pursue help us provide the very best service to our customers.’

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