Specsavers Antrim has begun an in-store campaign to raise awareness of its many hearcare services. Wearing ‘hear here’ t-shirts, the team at Specsavers will be speaking to customers and offering advice on how to protect against hearing loss and damage.

Hearcare expertise

Davin Quinn, store director, Specsavers Antrim, said, ‘Everyone knows about the eyecare services offered by Specsavers but people are often surprised to learn about our extensive hearcare expertise. Hearing loss is surprisingly common and can be a very isolating and worrying condition. The good news is that Specsavers can provide everything needed for better hearing.’

Free screening

Specsavers Antrim offers a free 3-minute hearing check which allows customers to monitor their hearing. The screener then advises the customer if he/she would benefit from a full hearing test. This is also free and takes about an hour. After that the results are explained and the range of hearing assistance and options available is discussed.

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