The team at Specsavers have had a great summer and glad to report lots of customers are taking their eye health seriously.

Protecting eyes from UV rays

Lots of customers have been in store to ensure their eyes are protected from harmful UV rays this summertime and have loved the amazing collection available.  From toddlers upwards, Andover has an extensive range to suit every face shape, style preference and budget.

Why eyes need sunglasses

Store director Paul Dhanji explains the importance of adequate protection. 'Granted, sunglasses are stylish and give you a great fashionable look but the lenses are doing a very important job.  Sunglasses should bear the CE kite mark and offer 99-100 per cent UV protection, which is indicated on labelling with the mark UV-400.

'Consumers should be aware that the price, darkness and tint of the sunglasses do not necessarily have a bearing on the strength of the protection offered and that labels should always be checked.'

With summer, sadly, coming to an end, the team want to thank everyone who has chosen Specsavers in Andover for their sunglasses and reminds customers that year round, the range is available for those setting off for sunny climes in the months to come.

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