Residents of Andover continue to play a key role in helping those less fortunate in developing countries get access to quality eyecare. Over the years, locals have been donating their old glasses to Specsavers at 72 High Street in their thousands to support the international charity, Vision Aid Overseas.

How old frames help those less fortunate

These unwanted, broken or out of date frames gathering dust in drawers at homes, regularly get donated to the store throughout the year and help to assist the charity with its cause.

Vision Aid Overseas uses monies raised from the recycling of the glasses, as well as proceeds attained from reusable parts, towards establishing vision centres, equipment and training of local eyecare professionals in isolated communities.

Thank you from the store

Optometrist store director Paul Dhanji says: ‘We wanted to say a thank you to everyone who has played their role in helping Vision Aid Overseas over the years. We get hundreds of frames in each month and the support from our customers always overwhelms us.

‘In Andover and nationwide, we are very lucky to have access to professional eyecare services. But in developing countries, millions of people can’t see properly because they need glasses and thousands are in danger of going blind, due to the lack of professionals and basic facilities.’

He adds: ‘To think that an old pair of glasses can make such a difference is incredible so we want to remind all local Andover residents to do a quick sweep around the home, the car, their office desks for old frames. Together, we can make a real difference.’

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