Specsavers staff in Ammanford have provided local customer, Graham Griffiths, with specialist lenses to support his competitive clay pigeon shooting career with the Welsh national team.

A prominent shooter for a number of years, Mr Griffiths recently began experiencing problems when tracking targets across different colored backgrounds.

Thanks to Specsavers in Ammanford, he has received specialist lenses and frames that help him to track targets more effectively and improve his aim when shooting competitively.

‘Delighted to help’

Lorna Phillips, store manager of Specsavers in Ammanford, said: ‘Mr Griffiths has been a customer of the store for many years and we are delighted to help him develop his skills in competitive clay shooting.

‘Vision loss is certainly a concern as we get older, but with the right eyecare treatment it should not stop people from enjoying their hobbies altogether. Regular eye tests are vital to safeguarding long-term, healthy vision and can help identify potentially damaging problems early on.

‘We wish Mr Griffiths every success in his future clay pigeon shooting career; it’s great to be supporting a local Ammanford man who is flying the flag for Wales at international tournaments.’

‘Many experience sight issues’

Mr Griffiths said: ‘Clay shooting is a sport that spans across a wide age range and one of the most important elements to success is good vision. ‘Many older shooters experience sight issues that can affect their performance and discourage participation, so I’m pleased to see that help is on hand to combat these challenges.

‘The Specsavers team in Ammanford have been excellent in supporting me, helping me to explore different prescriptions lenses and frames to accommodate the acute angles of view I have to take when aiming. ‘

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