The Alton audiology team was delighted to help Carlin racing drivers protect their hearing from an average cockpit noise topping a whopping 130 decibels (dB).

Custom-made hearing protection

Five drivers from Farnham-based Carlin were seen by hearcare director, Emma Walker for custom fit hearing protection. Now, the Carlin drivers can now have greater levels of hearing protection when out on the circuit thanks to the soft, medical-grade silicone that enables drivers to wear their protection for longer periods of time compared to standard earplugs.

Why hearing protection is a priority for racing drivers

In an interview with The Daily Mail in 2006, Sterling Moss talked publicly about his battle with hearing loss due to the sport, saying: 'I used to stuff my ears with cotton wool to muffle the sound and make me more comfortable. But after every race, I’d have a sound like a rushing waterfall in my ears.

'It went on for days, an annoying noise in the background. Then you’d be on to the next race. After a while, the noise just never went and it remained always in the background. I know now this was tinnitus, a warning sign that my hearing was being damaged.'

A word from the audiology director

Emma Walker says: 'We produced impressions of the drivers’ ears to ensure their protection is uniquely designed to suit each of their ear shapes. This bespoke fit is also designed to fit comfortably without restricting their racing helmets. 

'Many people are unaware that we help to block out sound and protect hearing as well as enhancing one’s hearing. We can offer ear protection for hobbies such as shooting, motor cycling, music and swimming. We also help people who suffer from sleep problems can be caused by a multitude of things like snoring, noisy neighbours or a noisy environment.'

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