Common misconceptions

Aldershot Specsavers are encouraging people to take the plunge with contact lenses and are looking to tackle common misconceptions about them.

Mark Dunn, store director said. ‘Often people shy away from contact lenses because they think they’re too complicated to use. We want to show people that anyone can use them and we are here to offer a step-by-step guide for a comfortable fit with the highest quality of care.’

Mark has pulled together his top tips for getting on the right track with contact lenses.

Myth no.1 – “They are difficult to use”

Stores are offering customers a full test run of contact lenses to ensure they are comfortable using them by themselves.

Myth no.2 – “I’m too young or old for contact lenses”

Specsaversprovide contact lenses to people of all ages, no matter what their prescription is, and are encouraging parents to let their children try them out.

Myth no.3 – “They are uncomfortable”

New high-tech materials mean that contact lenses can fit comfortably and are of the highest quality possible from Specsavers.

Myth no.4 – “They are a hassle”

A common misconception is that contact lenses are too complicated to use. However, daily disposable lenses can just be worn once and then thrown away without any cleaning necessary, making it easier for those with a hectic lifestyle.

Myth no.5 – “My prescription is too complex for contact lenses”

No prescription is too complicated for Specsavers – contact lenses are available for almost any prescription so everyone has access to them.

To give contact lenses a try, head to your Specsavers in Aldershot, located at 25 Union Street, to see the wide range of high quality and value options which are on offer.

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