The team from Specsavers in Aldershot has been putting the spotlight onto a condition that is often symptomless and classed as the silent thief of sight.

Educating Aldershot on glaucoma

March sees the world focus on glaucoma during World Glaucoma Week and keen to back this drive are the colleagues from Aldershot's store. 

Manish Soni, store director explains why: 'Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible sight loss. It is thought to affect 700,000 people in the UK today, but as many as 50% of cases are undiagnosed.'

Training the team

Manish adds: 'The retail team here has undergone specific training and one area it focuses on is advising customers how to effectively administer eye drops, which are crucial for managing the condition. If you have never used drops before, it can be a bit daunting and our team are here to help you through the process.'

How sight tests play a role in diagnosis

Manish wants to stress how a regular sight checks can increase the chances of your glaucoma being detected early – which could reduce your risk of sight loss. He adds: 'Glaucoma is a relatively common eye condition, which occurs when the optic nerve is damaged.

'We are all at risk of getting glaucoma, although it is more common in older people, which is why regular eye tests – every two years at least – are so important. That's why we are urging Aldershot residents to make their appointment if they haven't seen us for over two years as it could just save your sight.'

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