Rugby fever is running high on Specsavers Albany Road, ahead of one of the world’s biggest sporting tournaments coming to Wales, as the store plays host to a rugby-themed choir.

The ‘Specsavers Choir’ will visit the store on Saturday 29th August to perform a one-off, four-hour concert to build on Cardiff’s excitement ahead of the start of the Rugby World Cup matches held in Wales.

Frank Moloney, director of Specsavers in Cardiff, said: ‘Wales is renowned for its passion and enthusiasm when it comes to both singing and rugby, and the success of our sporting teams and choirs has helped to put Wales firmly on the global map for decades.

‘The Specsavers Choir is a great reminder that Wales has been celebrated for its choral talents long before it became a rugby superpower. And so, in the lead up to one of the world’s biggest sporting events, when the eyes of the rugby world will be on the UK, we wanted to combine Wales’s most renowned cultural heritages and put on an afternoon of music in the local community to celebrate the occasion.’

Made up of 12 Welsh choristers at every store performance, the choirs are singing to fundraise for the Wales Deaf Rugby Union (WDRU).

Frank Moloney added: ‘We’re delighted to be raising funds for the WDRU during our choir campaign. The money will be put towards the organisation’s community project, which aims to get children who are deaf or hard of hearing engaged in sporting activities and is something that we have actively supported for the last three years.’

Watch the Specsavers choir between 12pm and 4pm on 29th August and keep up-to-date with the Specsavers Choir campaign by searching for #Specsingers on social media.

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