At this time of year, hay fever can be a massive pain for millions of people in the UK – especially as it can cause an irritating eye condition called allergic conjunctivitis.

Fortunately, the eye care experts at Specsavers Acton in the High Street are here to help.

Top tips

Sneha Pancholi, store director in Acton, explains: ‘It is very common for hay fever to affect your eyes, and you may find that they become red, sore and itchy.

‘Over-the-counter medications can help relieve symptoms, and ideally you should try and avoid rubbing your eyes if you can as this can make them more painful.

Help available in store

‘We are able to offer help in store if you are really suffering, and it could be quicker to book an appointment with us than see your GP.

‘So if you need help with your hay fever this summer, why not pop in and see us.’

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