Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of sight loss – and can affect anyone at any age.

That is why, in the run up to World Glaucoma Week this year, the team at Specsavers Acton in the High Street, took the chance to build their glaucoma skills thanks to a new online course.

Supporting customers

The course, put together by the International Glaucoma Association and Specsavers, seeks to help staff support customers with glaucoma with their eye drops.

These need to be applied properly in order to manage the condition effectively.

Book an eye test today

Sneha Pancholi, store director in Acton, said: ‘Glaucoma is often responsible for sight loss, and can be treated – although damage done to your sight before it is detected cannot be fixed.

‘Regular eye tests are important to early detection, so we recommend everyone has one every two years. Why not book an eye test online today and let us check your eye health.’

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