Specsavers in Acomb will be holding a walk-in clinic tomorrow (Friday 1 September) at York Arc Light for homeless people wanting to get themselves back on their feet.

Offering free eye tests 

A team of six people from the practice will be heading to the centre on Union Terrace after work to offer eye tests.

Equipment is being loaned by the local Specsavers Healthcall team to carry out the eye tests and those who require a pair of glasses, will be able to choose from a selection that have been donated from a number of Specsavers stores, including two from outside of the Yorkshire region - Whitehaven in Cumbria and Forfar in Scotland. 

A word from the store director

Alexandra Brightwell, store manager at Acomb Specsavers said: ‘I recently read an article about a gentleman who was struggling to get a job because he couldn’t read properly due to his poor sight.

'What struck me is that, if it’s a simple case of sight being the reason as to why people can’t get a job, then it’s something that we can absolutely support and address. We have the right equipment and expertise, so it felt like a very good reason to run a clinic and help make a difference.

‘It’s also worth saying that an eye test is about more than getting a prescription for glasses, a routine eye check can detect a number of common health conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure. If we do find that any of the patients show signs of these sorts of conditions, then we can look at getting them referred.’ 

A word from York Arc Light

Michael Russell from York Arc Light said: ‘We are extremely grateful to Specsavers Acomb for arranging to provide testing, frames and ultimately a service for those who will need them within our hostel at Union Terrace.

'Donation of resources and time to those most in need can never be underestimated, and this event will be genuinely appreciated by our clients, on whom there will be a significant positive impact both in terms of their vision and also in boosting their self-esteem.’

The Specsavers Healthcall team travel across Yorkshire visit homes and care homes to provide a comprehensive eyecare service to those who cannot get to their local store unaccompanied. 

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