A little known fact is that the Specsavers team in Acomb tested 15 per cent more women than men in Acomb in the first half of 2014.

During Men’s Health Week the Acomb store team raised awareness of men’s reluctance to use health services as well preventable health problems to encourage early detection and treatment of diseases.

Stephen McEnaney of Specsavers said: ‘The difference between male and female appointments in Acomb's Specsavers is concerning, therefore we chose to support Men’s Health Week. By driving awareness of the week we hope to encourage men to make their sight and other health issues more of a priority.

Important health check

‘An eye test is an extremely important health check.

The optometrist checks the health of your eyes and can find indications of other medical conditions such as brain tumours, high blood pressure, glaucoma, detached retinas or macular holes.

Regular eye tests are essential for clear, comfortable vision. Our vision changes as we get older and I would recommend that everyone has a regular eye examination, at least every two years.’

To book an appointment for an eye examination, please contact Acomb Specsavers on 01904 520 050.

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