The team at Acomb Specsavers has adopted a young spectacled owl from a local sanctuary.

They recently welcomed Zoro, to help support York Bird of Prey Centre in bid to raise vital cash, which will go towards feeding, accommodating and caring for the owls. 

New member of the family
Zoro recently paid a visit to the Specsavers store on Front Street to meet and greet customers. He's twelve months old and hatched in Scotland but was introduced to the Centre when he was 21 days old, where he was hand reared. The usually non-sociable species comes from South America in the rainforests of Costa Rica, where they hunt for rodents and insects at night, keeping in line with their nocturnal tradition. Zoro’s breed is quite rare, so he was recently added to a breeding programme to help encourage numbers.

A word from the director
Stephen McEnaney, store director at Acomb Specsavers, said: 'We’re keen to raise awareness in the local community about all of the great work being carried out by York Bird of Prey Centre. It’s important that we support local causes, so we’ll be organising a number of activities this year to raise money for them. Zoro will be paying us a visit when he can and we’ll be heading over to the Centre to see how our funds are being used, meet his family and carers.'

Andrew Fawcett, from York Bird of Prey, adds: 'Where it’s not possible for us to release an owl back into the wild, we endeavour to provide a permanent home at the centre. Sponsorship is a really important source of income for us, not only so we can look after the birds that we’ve got, but so that we can care for even more of our feathery friends in the future.

'We’re very grateful to Specsavers for partnering with us and helping to get more and more people interested in what we do. It would be amazing to see more of the local community get involved.'

York Bird of Prey opened in June 2013 and is currently home to over 80 birds with 45 different species, providing hands on experience for visitors with opportunities all day to meet and greet the birds. 

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