Staff at Specsavers in Acocks Green are encouraging parents to get their children’s eyes tested.

‘Regular eye examinations are vital, as undetected vision problems affect a child’s learning and, if it is not in perfect condition, can often be mistaken for learning difficulties in young children,’ said store director Ramiz Ahmed.  ‘Around 80% of everything a child learns is through their vision, so even a minor problem with a child’s sight can mean they suffer huge setbacks in their development at school.

‘A child’s eyesight will continue to develop right up to the age of eight years old, which means that eyecare issues can be corrected by the optician. Amblyopia or lazy eye is a common condition and realistically needs to be picked up by the age of five to be treated.  The earlier many common childhood vision problems are discovered, the better the chance of correcting them,’ he added.

Specsavers in Acocks Green provides the ‘two free pairs’ offer for children. All glasses in the kids’ £64 and teens’ £85 ranges are free with under-16s’ NHS funding, then Specsavers will give you a second pair from the £64 or £85 range, free. An eye examination takes just 20 minutes and could make a huge difference to your child’s life.

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