Abingdon resident Linda Hobbs is praising Specsavers after she was diagnosed with a detached retina.

Linda Hobbs had recently undergone surgery to have cataracts removed so was experiencing some floaters in her vision which is normal after an operation such as this. However, she noticed these getting worse and one afternoon as she was in the kitchen, suddenly realised she couldn’t see out of part of her right eye.

She tried to clear it by rubbing but when this failed to work, knew something was wrong so called the store. Mrs Hobbs was told to come in immediately by store director and optometrist Atul Vadgama who carried out an eye examination.

Prompt action

When Mrs Hobbs first arrived and described her symptoms, Atul suspected her retina had become detached. Her vision in the right eye had deteriorated significantly and the retina had detached from the top of her eye to the centre of it.

‘It might sound strange, but I suspected my retina might have become detached when my vision went,’ said Mrs Hobbs. ‘I was so grateful that Specsavers were able to see me so quickly and then once Atul had carried out the eye examination, he immediately referred me to the Eye Department at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

‘One and a half hours after I was seen by Specsavers, I was being operated on and was home later that evening. I can’t praise everyone highly enough; from Atul at the store through to the staff at the John Radcliffe, for their prompt action. I am still having checkups at the hospital but am able to drive again and my vision has almost returned to 100%.’

Positive outcome

‘As soon as I heard Mrs Hobbs describe her symptoms I knew she needed to come in immediately,’ commented Atul. ‘She had been in for an eye examination in December but the vision in her right eye had deteriorated dramatically and when carrying out the examination I could see that the retina had clearly become detached.

We are delighted that the outcome has been positive, as if it had been left much longer, Mrs Hobbs risked losing her sight. We recommend eye examinations every two years, but as this case shows, if you notice any change in your vision you should make an appointment at an opticians immediately.

I would encourage everyone to make sure they are not only having regular sight tests, but are aware of any changes in their vision. It’s so important and can be the difference between saving or losing your sight,’ concluded Mrs Hobbs.    

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