Staff at Specsavers Aberdeen took on the challenge to complete the world famous obstacle course Tough Mudder. The optometrists travelled to Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries and Galloway for the Scottish leg of the infamously messy Tough Mudder tour.

Preparing for the challenge

The co-workers trained tirelessly together in preparation for the team challenge by following some tips to stay motivated as well as suggested exercises recommended by past Tough Mudder competitors.

The course stretches 12 miles and incorporates between 20 and 25 obstacles which vary dependant on the location. Cage Crawl, Hanging Tough, Mud Mile, Everest and Electroshock Therapy are among the strenuous tasks each participant must concur.


David Quigley, Director of Specsavers Aberdeen, said: ‘The staff at Aberdeen are always keen to challenge themselves and I would like to congratulate Caroline Wyllie, Thomas Dickson, Rachael Nicol and Allison Redman for their tremendous efforts.

Tough Mudder is notorious for being a gruelling test of fitness, endurance and teamwork, but I had no doubts that my Aberdeen team would succeed in tackling and completing this obstacle course.’

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