An optical consultant in Aberdare has won gold in Guernsey at the recent ‘Specsavers Got Talent’ competition.

Successful project

Dorian Holmes was given the award for creating a project that successfully improved an aspect of the store’s business over a three-month period. He was invited to Specsavers’ head office in Guernsey, where he was presented with the award by co-founders of Specsavers, Doug and Dame Mary Perkins, as well as the rest of the board.

Mr Holmes said: ‘It was so exciting meeting Doug and Dame Mary Perkins and get the chance to visit the Specsavers HQ. They’re the celebrities of the optometry world and I’m thrilled they gave me the award.’

He found that most varifocal shoppers tend to opt for ‘standard’ frames and lenses, so his project was to increase sales of varifocals by improving customer opinion.

The optical consultant presented more purchase choice by offering ‘premium’, ‘elite’ or ‘tailor made’ glasses. The store later noted a higher volume of sales and order value.

‘Cultural shift’

Mr Holmes added: ‘I noticed there was a tendency for customers to buy the standard frames and I wanted to give them more variety. I thought of it as almost like a cultural shift.’

Aberdare store director, Neil, Robinson, said: ‘We’re really pleased an Aberdare team member won the award. Dorian’s idea is still implemented to this day and it’s great to see people making sue of the variety that’s out there when it comes to spectacles.’

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