Now that nights are darker for longer, an optician in Sale wants to encourage any local people who are struggling with their vision to seek out expert advice.

Darker nights

At this time of year, visibility is often reduced as our eyes adjust to spending more hours of the day in darkness and our night-vision is used more frequently.

Some of us may notice that our eyes struggle to adjust effectively and this could be a sign of poor eyesight. If not treated, impaired vision could mean that we are more at risk of an accident on the roads at night, whether we are a pedestrian or a driver.

Stuart Totten, director of Specsavers in Sale says: ‘We want to make sure all of our residents are staying safe at this time of year at night, especially on the roads. Those that are having problems with their vision could notice even more difficulties now, so it's important they get their eyes tested to make sure they stay safe.’

Road safety statistics 

Statistics from road safety charity Brake prove that it is more dangerous to be out and about when it’s dark. Four out of 10 road deaths happen in the hours of darkness, despite the streets and roads being quieter at this time.

The Sale store is asking people to book an eye test if they have any concerns about their eyesight or haven’t had an eye examination in the last two years. 

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