A Hucknall opticians has teamed up with their local Women’s Institute (WI) to give a talk focussing on eye and ear health. 

Two members of the team from Specsavers Hucknall, visited the 30 members of the Watnall WI group to discuss the impact of ageing on vision and hearing.

Janet Archer, store director, provided the ladies with advice on the common conditions which affect our eyes as we get older, as well as the early warning signs of more serious conditions and tips to keep our eyes healthy. 

They were also joined by Specsavers audiologist, Matt Barker, who gave the group an insight into what happens to our hearing as we age and an explanation of the common types of hearing loss. Stephen Archer, store director and optometrist, then held a question and answer session over the phone, giving specific advice to individuals.

The speakers also stressed how important it is to have eyes and ears checked periodically.

Janet Archer, store director, said: ‘We were delighted to join the Watnall WI to raise awareness about the importance of eye and ear health among their members. We’re committed to helping our local community, and this was a great opportunity to show the ladies how to keep on top of their ear and eye health.’

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