A paramedic whose wife came to the rescue when he broke his glasses is starring in a new national TV advert for Specsavers.


Evan Nisbet made a panicked call to his wife Nicola who is the store partner at Specsavers Dewsbury and Batley, when he broke his glasses during a shift. While the store is only open for essential and urgent care, Nicola knew how much Evan was reliant on his glasses and good eyesight in his line of work.


‘After coming into store, we were able to quickly prescribe Evan with a replacement pair to get him back at work and on the frontline, which the whole family have been incredibly proud of,’ says Nicola.


The story captured the attention of Specsavers’ in-house creative agency and is now being featured in a new 90-second TV ad, We Were There, which aired for the first time on ITV1 on Saturday 13 June.  It tells the story of in-store colleagues and customers during lockdown and how Specsavers’ teams had to change the way they worked to help people in need. 


‘We’re all really excited to play a part in the national advert,’ says Nicola. ‘We’ve remained open for essential care while in lockdown, which has ensured the needs of key-workers and the public alike has been met, despite restrictions and social distancing.


‘We’ve seen it all when it comes to eye-related mishaps over the past few months, whether that’s nurses who need emergency prescriptions, or doctors who’ve run out of contact lenses.’


Evan said he was extremely grateful that Specsavers was still open for essential care. ‘When driving in an emergency, we have to be incredibly aware of our surroundings as we drive at speed. And when we get to patients, sharp eyesight can often have a significant impact on spotting issues. As a result, I can’t overstate the importance of paramedics having perfect vision, so would like to thank Nicola and the team for all the help – I certainly owe her a meal out once we’re out of lockdown!’


Specsavers' teams are classed as key workers to provide urgent and essential eye care to those who need it. This includes supporting other key workers who couldn’t function without their help and people who would come to harm without their health expertise, especially where the usual hospital services and NHS facilities are being prioritised for the fight against COVID-19.


Customers with urgent concerns can use a new RemoteCare service, which allows video consultations by visiting www.specsavers.co.uk/online-consultation-service or phone the store for advice and to be assessed on the level of care that they might need. Glasses and contact lenses can also be purchased online for customers with a current prescription.


Customers can now also book appointments for hearing services in the community. In line with new guidelines, Specsavers audiologists have reintroduced key, lifeline audiology services to the general public, including hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and earwax removal. Customers will need to request an appointment online or call their local store first for advice and to be assessed on the level of care that they might need.


Specsavers has set up an Ask the Expert group on Facebook for people to ask the team of expert optometrists and audiologists questions they might have about their sight or hearing while stores are open for urgent and essential appointments only. The group can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpecsaversAskTheExpert/?fref=nf


The Specsavers ad will be shown on ITV for a further two weeks from 20 June, or can be viewed here: 


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