If you wear glasses, you might already have realised that they can make wearing a facemask a little more challenging. This could make your life a lot more difficult, especially as they are essential on public transport for the moment – and often used when shopping too – as your glasses might well be more prone to slipping off or steaming up.

Luckily, there are ways to make wearing your glasses a little more comfortable despite the ‘new normal’, and the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in Sussex are here to help with some top tips.

Keeping your vision clear

There are two fairly simple ways to stop your glasses slipping when you are wearing a facemask. The first is to try using a piece of surgical tape on your nose to hold it in place, and also give your glasses additional grip. The second is to attach your mask to your glasses rather than your ears, as long as you can still keep a tight fit over your mouth and nose.

You can help to reduce the danger of your glasses steaming up by pulling your mask a little further up your nose, as long as your mouth is still covered, and resting your glasses on top of it. This should help by stopping warm air reaching your glasses – and contact lenses might be a good option for you too.

Open for routine eye care

The Specsavers stores in Sussex are now open again by appointment for routine optical services like eye tests and the purchase of glasses, contact lenses and accessories.

So if you have noticed a change in your vision or your eye test is due now, give your local store a call.

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