A Caerphilly audiologist tested a trio of Welsh rugby stars at an event to promote good ear and eye health during the Six Nations.

Dragons teammates Aaron Wainwright and Leon Brown, as well as Scarlets centre Hadleigh Parkes, took advantage of Specsavers’ latest hospital-quality technology to help ensure they stay at the top of their game during the Six Nations, at an event at the Vale Resort hosted as part of Specsavers’ official partnership with the Wales Rugby Union (WRU).

Hearing and sight checks

The players had their hearing tested by Taylor Green, audiologist at Specsavers in Caerphilly, using a digital hearing screener.

When asked how important good hearing is on the pitch, Aaron Wainwright says: ‘If you’ve got a full stadium and the crowd’s screaming and shouting it’s quite important you can hear what the line out caller is calling, so having healthy ears that you can hear with is pretty key.

‘I think my mother struggles with her hearing but she won’t accept it and go and get her ears tested. After today and having my ears tested I think I’m going to definitely recommend her going to get hers done.’

The players also had an OCT (optical coherence tomography) scan, which is hospital-quality technology and is available at Specsavers across Wales. An OCT can help detect certain eye conditions, such as macular degeneration, much sooner than a regular sight test, meaning they can be managed before they get worse.

When asked about using the OCT machine, Scarlets star Hadleigh Parkes, whose sight was tested by Specsavers store director Brian Borland, says: ‘It was extremely easy to do. The people taking me through it were very helpful. It’s nice to have in the back of your mind that if there was something wrong they’d pick up on it pretty early.’

Prioritising health

The trio encouraged all rugby fans to prioritise their own eye and ear health so they can continue to enjoy all the action and to not miss a moment for the Six Nations and beyond – whether it’s at the ground or on television - as Wales look to retain the prestigious trophy.

Taylor Green, audiologist at Specsavers Caerphilly, says: ‘This is a hugely exciting sponsorship for Specsavers and we are delighted to be partnered with the WRU as its official optician and audiologist.

‘Without good eyesight or hearing, players cannot perform at their very best. The services we offer mean that everyone – from sports stars to your family and friends – can access state-of-the-art technology that can spot signs of hearing loss or eye health conditions as soon as possible.

‘We are thrilled to have Aaron, Hadleigh and Leon working with us to raise awareness of hearing tests and ensuring their eyesight remains ‘2020’ as we celebrate this year’s Six Nations tournament.’

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