A vet mistaking a hat for a cat is the latest fictional visual mishap in the ongoing Should’ve gone to Specsavers saga.

Dreamt up by Specsavers’ Guernsey-based in-house creatives Mark de la Rue and Richard James, the feline fiasco was filmed in a real vet’s practice in London.

It was directed by Tim Bullock, who is renowned for his comic style, with the recent series of Fosters commercials in his acclaimed portfolio.

Mark says: ‘We knew that Tim would capture the Should’ve gone to Specsavers ethos perfectly and we are delighted with the results. It’s a simple idea that people will understand straight away.’

Watch the ad on YouTube here.

Richard says: ‘The vet was a real character and his practice was a perfect setting. You need something a little out of the ordinary to work on TV and his practice had a certain Animal Hospital feel which worked really well’.

Two cats were lined up for the starring role. Mark said: ‘We had our preferred cat and were trying to source a hat that looked just like it. Then by pure coincident the assistant turned up wearing a hat that looked identical to the second cat so we went for that and it worked brilliantly.’

Ahead of the first airing on TV on 2nd May 2013, the ad was launched to Specsavers fans via Facebook and Twitter.

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