Opticians across Norfolk have banded together to help customers who are suffering from issues caused by prolonged use of VDUs and computer screens.

Seeing the signs

It is important to keep an eye out for any of the symptoms caused by using VDUs. These could include headaches, dry eyes, watery eyes or increased sensitivity to light or general optical discomfort.

If you are experiencing any of the above, Norfolk opticians advise that you make time to walk away from the computer for a short while to allow your eyes to refocus. Try to avoid looking directly into bright light, whether it is at the sun out of a window or into a lamp, and avoid sitting underneath fluorescent lighting without being able to walk away periodically.

Anti-glare screens can be used to reduce the amount of irritation to the eyes and anti-reflective lenses on your glasses are also an option to help.

What to do

Specsavers optometrists in Norfolk explain that some of these symptoms could be caused by other conditions and if you are experiencing any of them you should contact your optician immediately.

Opticians suggest regular eye tests every two years.

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