Facemasks are now as important an item as our keys and wallet when we’re leaving the house, as they become essential on public transport and encouraged in shops. But for glasses wearers they can create unexpected challenges.  

Since lockdown measures have started to ease, Specsavers has seen an increase of 242% in searches online on how to tackle the problem of glasses steaming up and slipping. 

Specsavers in London are offering advice

  1. Stop slipping by wrapping the string of the facemask around the sides of your glasses, rather than your ears – just make sure you’re careful when taking off your glasses as your mask will be attached
  2. If you can (and it’s comfortable), pull your mask further up your nose and place glasses on top. This will help seal the mask around your nose, stopping the warm air from your breath escaping and steaming up your lenses
  3. Try using a piece of surgical tape to hold your mask in place on the bridge of your nose and give your specs additional grip

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