It’s not just vets, shepherds, fitness instructors and astronauts who should’ve gone to Specsavers. This young lad could do with a trip to the optician too.

Dad’s car sits proudly on the driveway, sparkling after it’s regular Sunday morning wash. Dad himself is nowhere to be seen – perhaps he’s searching for the missing garage door remote control?

Unfortunately, his son appears to have unwittingly found it.

Still, at least he can get two free pairs of kids’ glasses at Specsavers, and they come with SuperTough single vision lenses.

SuperTough lenses are made from Trivex®, a hi-tech lens material with in-built protection and strength. Incredibly, it’s the same material used in helicopter windscreens and jet fighter canopies. It doesn’t get much tougher than that, as demonstrated, in the final section of the advertisement, by our special remote control car and the familiar vocal tones of Ray Winstone.

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