Specsavers in Sittingbourne has done their bit to help a local man who lost his glasses in a house fire.

Extreme storm conditions

After Tony Jeffrey lost his possessions in a devastating house fire, Specsavers in Sittingbourne offered him heavily subsidised glasses. Tony, who is retired and lives in Newington, Sittingbourne was affected by the extreme storm conditions in the early hours of the morning.

He said: ‘The atmosphere was very eerie before the thunderbolt strike. I remember the clouds looking extremely threatening during the previous day and I couldn’t sleep because the thunder was so loud. All of a sudden, there was a tremendous explosion and the thunderbolt hit the top of our chimney this was at 3.50 am in the morning.

‘The ceiling fell down within seconds. I had to fight my way out of there and help my wife get out as well. When we ran downstairs, the loft area was on fire with small fireballs raining down on us, It was a miracle that we got out without getting seriously hurt.’ 

Discounted glasses

Nearly all of Tony and his wife’s possessions had been destroyed by the fire, including heavy damage to his car.

When Specsavers in Sittingbourne heard what had happened, they were keen to help,' Tony said: ‘I’m very grateful to Specsavers for helping with the cost of my glasses. After losing so much, my wife and I could only really rely on the generosity of others to help us get back on our feet.’

Store director Graham Jones said: ‘We felt obliged to do something for Tony after he’d been through so much. We offered him a pair of discounted reading glasses and also computer glasses so that he could continue to go about his daily life a bit more comfortably. It’s still important that he retains his eye health after such a terrifying incident.’

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