Specsavers in Telford is encouraging local residents to focus on glaucoma as research from the International Glaucoma Association shows that close relatives of sufferers are up to four times more likely to develop the condition than those without a family history of the disease. 

Signs can go unoticed

The team are encouraging all locals who know of glaucoma in their family, such as siblings or parents, to book in for a routine eye examination in store. 

‘An estimated 600,000 people in the UK have glaucoma, but at least half haven’t been diagnosed,’ commented store director, Vinay Najran. ‘Many are unaware that glaucoma can be hereditary and signs go unnoticed, especially in the early stages when there are often no symptoms.’

A group of six optometrists at the Telford store have received further training to advance their skills in detecting glaucoma, one of the leading causes of preventable sight loss in the UK. These optometrists can detect signs of the disease by carrying out simple tests, including observing the main nerve in the eye, measuring the pressure in the eye and checking peripheral vision. 

Charity support

The store has been supporting The International Glaucoma Association for several months, raising awareness and funds for the charity in-store. The IGA aims to provide help to everyone affected by sight loss from glaucoma. For more information, visit www.glaucoma-association.com/. 

Vinay continued: ‘Early detection means the condition can be monitored and future damage to vision minimised. We always aim to promote awareness of the signs of the condition in our store and through our support of the International Glaucoma Association (IGA). So for anyone who needs more information or who has a close relative with glaucoma, we would like to encourage you to visit us in store for a check up.’

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