Specsavers in Street played host to members of Tor Tangent on Monday 23 January as optometrist Colin Shearer gave a talk about the importance of eye health. 

A valuable opportunity

Specsavers on the High Street was the venue for the talk attended by eight members of the group who learnt about eye examinations and overall eye health as well as hearing tests.

‘This is the third talk I’ve done now with groups in the community and I’ve really enjoyed doing them,’ said Colin. ‘It’s a great opportunity to reach out to local people and they seem to have been well received so far – this particular group even want me to do a talk for their husbands! Looking after your eyes should form part of your overall health check, but for a lot of people it’s something they don’t necessarily put front of mind. Hopefully the talks help them realise how important it is.’ 

Alongside the talk, the group were able to have a go with the hearing screener. This is a simple three-minute check, carried out on a tablet device, to determine if there is any hearing loss at which point a full test would be carried out. Finally, they were shown the range of hearing aids available as well as given advice and information about them. 

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