DIY causes an estimated 200,000 eye injuries each year, and since lockdown started Specsavers stores across Norfolk have seen a flurry of customers who have fallen foul to a home or garden improvement mishap

That’s why eye health experts at Specsavers stores across Norfolk are warning people to be extra careful when completing do-it-yourself (DIY) projects during lockdown, to avoid picking up a nasty injury.

Don’t damage your eyes

Samantha Moore, optical regional chair for Specsavers in Norfolk, said: ‘It’s incredibly important that you take caution when carrying out any DIY activity that could lead to something going in the eye. You must be aware when chopping wood, pruning the garden, drilling, mowing the lawn or pressure washing as loose object can get caught up and hit the eye at speed.

We urge people to wear protective glasses when undertaking these activities. We often see a rise in these types of accidents during the warmer months, and with people stuck at home through lockdown, it’s not surprising to see more patients contacting us with these injuries.’

Open for care

‘In the event that an injury occurs, call your local Specsavers store where an optometrist will be able to discuss the best course of action with you.’

While the Specsavers stores in Norfolk are currently closed for routine eye tests, they are open for urgent and essential care – with a focus on helping fellow key workers stay on the frontline. So if you or anyone you know suffers an eye injury or problem, or needs urgent help with their glasses or contact lenses, get in touch with your local store.


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