Dementia Awareness Week takes place in May, so it is a good time to remind Surrey residents that Specsavers stores run a Dementia Friends initiative to support its customers.

What is a Dementia Friend?
An initiative run by the Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia Friends helps develop a greater understanding of dementia.  Specsavers stores across Surrey have a Dementia Friend in every store who is identifiable by their Dementia Friend Badge.

Training received
Each representative has undergone a Dementia awareness programme to earn the accolade of a Dementia Friend.  This means they have the right skills to assist customers by providing that extra level of support and care.  It is an extremely positive service that each store is proud to provide.

Sensory awareness
One aspect of living life with dementia is the impact it has on our senses - both sight and vision.  With sensory care being at the heart of Specsavers business, it is a natural progression for the Surrey stores to put the spotlight on how they are available to care for everyone in the community.

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