Wearing a facemask at the same time as wearing your glasses can bring new challenges. So with them currently required on public transport and popular when out and about too, you’ll probably discover this for yourself if you have not done so already.

The great news is that the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores in Surrey have some helpful tips on how to wear your glasses and mask together and keep your vision clear. The two main problems you might experience are your glasses steaming up, or slipping off altogether.

Top tips from the experts

If you want to stop your glasses slipping while wearing a facemask, there are two things you can try. The first is to attach the ties or elastic on your mask to your glasses rather than your ears, making sure that the mask still fits tightly around your nose and mouth.

The second is to use a small piece of surgical tape on your nose to hold your mask in place, and rest the glasses on that to give them additional grip. This should help to stop them sliding off.

Open for routine eye care

If your glasses keep steaming up, you might want to think about pulling your mask a little further up your face – as long as your nose and mouth are still covered. If you rest your glasses on top of the mask, you should find that less warm hair reaches your glasses, so they are less likely to steam up.

Whilst they have been open for urgent and essential care throughout lockdown, the Specsavers stores across Surrey are now open again for routine eye care by appointment. This includes eye tests, and the purchase of glasses and contact lenses, amongst other things. So if you have noticed a change in your vision or you are overdue an eye test, give your local store a call.

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