Hands up if you are on a screen all the time?  You are not alone but thankfully, Specsavers opticians across Surrey are here to help you with some advice on how to avoid eye strain.

Know the signs

Opticians across Surrey see many people complaining of certain conditions associated with computer eye strain.  The most common?  Headaches, watery or dry eyes, increased sensitivity to light and general eye discomfort.  It is always worthwhile having an eye health MOT rather than self-diagnosis, say Specsavers across Surrey as a headache could be a sign of another medical condition which is why they recommend an eye examination every two years.  Usually, a few lifestyle changes can help combat eye strain though.   Read on to learn more…

Give eyes some TLC

Specsavers in Surrey advise that you look away from your screen regularly, focus for a minute outside the window for example.  Also, look at the light near your screen as too much sun or a bright lamp can cause discomfort.  Make sure you have a blind in your work place and avoid sitting under big overhead fluorescent lights.  An anti-glare screen attached to your monitor can also be a big help as can anti-refractive lenses in your glasses.

Adjust your work station

Opticians usually check a customer’s work station by asking a few questions.  A simple reduction in a monitor’s screen brightness can make a big difference, as can the height of the screen and the chair.  Bad posture doesn’t only cause some muscle aches here and there but it can add strain to your vision.    Also ensure that your computer screen is about 20 to 24 inches from your eyes and the centre of the screen should be 10 to 15 degrees below your eye line.

If you are concerned about your vision when on and off a screen, pop into Specsavers in Surrey for more advice.

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