The team at Specsavers in Surbiton is pleased to announce the arrival of a new procedure that will help treat customers with blepharitis.

What is Blepharitis?
Blepharitis is a common eye condition. It accounts for about one in 20 eye problems seen by an optician. When you have this particular eye complaint, your eye lids can become red and swollen, particularly around the edges. It isn’t a serious condition but it can lead to further problems if it is not treated.

What at the symptoms?
Signs of blepharitis can include itchy and sore eyelids, eyelids that stick together and are difficult to open, particularly when you wake up and eyelashes that become crusty or greasy.

How can it be treated?
Step forward BlephEx™ - a painless procedure that opticians are able to perform at Specsavers Surbiton. It is an in-practice procedure that is completely painless and involves a new patented BlephEx™ hand piece that precisely and carefully spins a medical grade, disposable micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes. A fresh micro-sponge is used for each eye to ensure there is no cross contamination. The end result is eyes free from deposits and debris.

How long does it take?
The procedure lasts about 6 -8 minutes and is well tolerated. Most customers simply report a tickling sensation. A numbing drop is usually placed in each eye prior to treatment for increased comfort. . Is it a one off treatment? After the procedure, you will be instructed on how to maintain clean eyelids with regular nightly eye lid hygiene. Since home treatments are only semi-effective, the procedure is typically repeated at 4-6 month intervals.

Pop into Specsavers Surbiton to hear more.

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