Hay fever sufferers in North Norfolk could secure some extra help managing their symptoms – if they pop into the Specsavers stores in East Dereham, Fakenham or Sheringham.

The stores are able to offer advice on how to manage itchy, irritated and watery eyes, and can even help out with some products designed to keep your eyes properly hydrated this hay fever season.

A word from the store director

Michael Meller, ophthalmic director at the Specsavers stores in East Dereham, Fakenham and Sheringham, said: ‘Hay fever is an inconvenience, but in most cases, it really does not have to ruin your summer.

‘We advise that you use over-the-counter remedies and try not to rub your eyes, as this can make them even more uncomfortable. If these do not resolve your symptoms, we can help you out with eye lubricants and advice. So why not book an appointment with us today.’

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