Superb support from Kirkcaldy for glasses appeal

15 January, 2016
Vision Aid Overseas provides eyecare and glasses for people in developing countries
Kirkcaldy are proud to support Vision Aid Overseas

Specsavers in Kirkcaldy has amassed more than 2,000 pairs of old and unwanted glasses to donate to an eyecare charity.

Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) provides eyecare and glasses for people in developing countries, who otherwise would not have access to help. The charity raises money by collecting old glasses for recycling.

The High Street opticians is able to make substantial donations of specs to VAO every year, thanks to the generosity of local residents.

Proud supporter

Kathryn Thompson, director of Specsavers in Kirkcaldy, says: ‘The continued support we’ve had from locals has been brilliant and I am thrilled we are able to donate another batch of frames for a great cause.

‘Vision Aid Overseas is a fantastic charity and Specsavers has been a proud supporter of it for many years. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t have access to basic eyecare and don’t have the luxury of a local opticians. The work that VAO does can make a remarkable difference to their lives.

‘I’d like to thank our customers for all their donations and encourage them to continue handing in their old and unwanted specs to help this very worthy cause.’

Specsavers and Vision Aid Overseas have a joint commitment to provide eyecare for people living in Zambia. As part of its ongoing fundraising for the charity, Specsavers has to date channelled more than £800,000 into the Zambian partnership.

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