Eyecare experts in Oban are offering top tips for choosing sunglasses this summer.

The team at Specsavers is keen to ensure locals protect their eyes appropriately from the sun’s harmful UV rays while out and about over the holidays, and recommends investing wisely in an appropriate pair of sunglasses.

A word of advice from the store director

Kenneth Macdonald, store director at Specsavers Oban, said: ‘We advise customers to choose sunglasses that bear the CE kite mark and offer 99-100 per cent UV protection – indicated on the labelling with the mark UV 400.

‘It’s vital that your eyes are well protected in the sun as its rays can cause irritation and even very serious conditions in extreme cases.

‘Pop into store and our team will be happy to advise both specs wearers and non-specs wearers on the best options for them.’

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