Sunglasses are always a must-have fashion accessory for summer and at Specsavers Shandwick Place, the choices are endless.

The store is home to some of the best names in fashion including premium Parisian fashion label Balmain, Twiggy for Aurora, Tommy Hilfiger, Converse, BOSS orange, Karen Millen and Osiris.

Susan McIntosh, store director at Specsavers Shandwick Place, gives her top tips for picking the right sunglasses to suit your face shape.


A square face is defined by a broad, deep forehead, a wide jaw and a square chin.

Oval or round frames such as the new Kylie Minogue Light Years Sun RX sunglasses will balance this face shape.


A triangular face is narrow at the forehead and eyeline but widens at the jaw. It needs bold, strong shapes such as the Balmain BL1526S vintage dark brown sunglasses to add balance to the face. Avoid small, narrow frames.


A rectangular face has high cheekbones and a deep forehead. This shape is balanced by wide frames with a strong brow line at the top. All over colour sunglasses such as the white Converse RX 04 will work well.


A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and tapers to a small, neat mouth and chin so suit slender, rounded or square styles. The Kylie Minogue Timebomb Sun RX sunglasses are perfect.

Make sure you choose specs to suit the shape of your face. The theory is that you should choose frames that are the opposite to the shape of your face, so if you have a round face you'll suit an angular frame.

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