Specsavers in West Bridgford help students go specs-free for the summer with clear advice and the very best service

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to swap their glasses for contact lenses, even if it’s just for the odd occasion. With summer well underway and end-of-year exams become a distant memory, those specs that got you through late-night revision in the library might not be the most practical option for the carefree months ahead.

Specsavers store in West Bridgford shows that contact lens technology has made huge leaps in recent years and now more people than ever can benefit from the freedom they bring. No matter what your budget, the team provides the same care and support to all their customers and ensures there is an eyecare solution for everyone, even one to suit student purses. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Choose your lenses

Whether it’s the freedom to play sport or go out in the evening specs-free, it’s important that we find the right contact lens for your requirements. There are several different types of lenses available in store, each offering different advantages.

The daily lenses are a good option for those who want a no-fuss lens, especially for those spending the next few months travelling, as there’s no need to bother about cleaning them or wasting valuable space packing cleaning solution. They are also good for those with allergies or hayfever, as a fresh lens surface is gentler on the eye.

Monthly contact lenses are perfect for those wishing to trade their specs for lenses on a long term basis, as often these work out as a more budget-friendly option. You only need 24 lenses to last the whole year, and monthlies generally have a much higher permeability to allow more oxygen through the lens to your eye for health and comfort.

A good middle ground are the twice monthly disposables, which can be worn daily for two weeks at a time, and offer the convenience of the daily lenses with the value of the monthlies.

Before you buy anything, you’ll have an assessment with one of our qualified opticians to discuss how often and for how long you want to wear your lenses and any specific activities you wish to use them for.

They’ll also perform a contact lens-specific eye check to make sure that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. Plus you’ll receive advice and tuition to help you wear your lenses successfully and with confidence.

And don’t worry - all of this is free and without obligation.

Step 2: Try contact lenses for free

It’s important that you enjoy and feel comfortable in contact lenses, so Specsavers West Bridgford are offering a ‘try before you buy’ scheme on state of the art easyvision and Acuvue® lenses. Once you’ve had your assessment and have decided on which lens is right for you, you can take home and try one pair of monthly lenses or five pairs of daily disposable lenses for free.

Simon Dunn, store director at Specsavers West Bridgford, says: ‘Comfort is potentially the most important aspect of your choice of contact lens. We think that it’s crucial that our customers have experienced the realities of the contact lens that they have been recommended by our highly trained advisors before they commit to buy them.’ 

It’s just one more way of ensuring that you and your lenses are perfectly matched.

Step 3: Choose your student-friendly package

There’s good reason to make use of your student debit card at Specsavers, because if you decide to pay for your contacts by direct debit, you are automatically entitled to join the Specsavers easycare scheme at no extra cost!

This package is designed to give you peace of mind and add a little extra to your contact lens experience. It includes:

  • One free pair of glasses from our £45 range, including standard single vision lenses
  •  All routine contact lens aftercare checks as recommended by your optician
  • Any additional contact lens checks you might need
  • Up to two free easyvision monthly or Acuvue® twice-monthly disposable contact lenses to replace lost or damaged lenses
  • Free home delivery
  • A dedicated contact centre

All students in full-time education up to the age of 19 are entitled to free NHS eye tests and glasses but, for those that are not eligible, the easycare package also covers:

  • Any routine sight tests as recommended by your optician

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