Riz Choonara, store director and optometrist at Specsavers in Stroud, features in a new national TV advert which premiered on Saturday (13 June). 

The Specsavers ad, titled We Were There, was featured during Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow on ITV1. It tells the story of store colleagues and some of their customers during lockdown when their doors were closed apart from offering urgent and essential care.

Riz’s story saw him use pedal power to come to the rescue of an elderly lady who needed some eye drops. The customer, who lives in Painswick, was experiencing irritable eyes which were causing her discomfort. She’d been prescribed an over the counter remedy which hadn’t worked and due to a bank holiday and her age, meant she was isolating at home during lockdown, so Riz took it upon himself to help. 

‘I never thought that when I recorded a short video on the side of the road as I rode my bike on the way to deliver the drops, that I’d end up appearing on a TV ad!’ said Riz. ‘It’s great though and I’m pleased to have been one of thousands of other Specsavers colleagues across the country who have continued to provide urgent and essential care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘When the lady called and explained her symptoms, I was pretty certain she had moderate dry eye disease and needed some drops. I do quite a bit of cycling so decided to use two wheels to deliver the drops. It’s quite a hilly route, but the effort was worth it though as she was very pleased that I could help relieve her discomfort.’

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