Focusing on eye health

Members of The Rotary Club of Avalon were treated to a talk from members of staff at Specsavers in Street on Tuesday 13 December, focusing on the importance of eye health.

Optometrist Louise Richards spoke to the group about the variety of services offered at the store, including testing and treatment for a range of minor eye conditions, as well as what an optometrist looks for during a sight test and children’s eye health.

‘It was a pleasure to join the Rotary Club for their evening meeting and talk to members about the importance of eye health and how we can help when it comes to minor eye conditions,’ Louise explained.

‘The service we offer in store means that people don’t have to wait for a GP or hospital appointment if they are experiencing problems such as pain, discomfort, redness, sudden changes or flashes of light in their vision.’

Attendees were also able to take advantage of a free three-minute hearing test and look at a range of contact lenses available at the store. The talk finished with a Q&A session.

Store director Colin Shearer added: ‘We want people in the local area to know that we are a part of the community, and getting involved with local groups and clubs is a great way to do this. Specsavers has long been a champion not only of the importance of regular eye tests but of general eye health, so we really value opportunities such as this one to keep eye health in the forefront of people’s minds.’

Specsavers in Street can detect and manage minor eye conditions including red eye, dry eye, watering eye, blepharitis and floaters in the vision on the same day. Help with more complex conditions will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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