Old Swan store director, Laura Mills, is planning another trip to Specsavers and Vision Aid Overseas optical centres in Zambia in November this year. 

Professional help with eye health in Zambia is much needed

Problems with sight are one of the top ten factors affecting the health of Zambians. Effective eye care services and dispensaries for Zambia's 14 million population are scarce and there are an estimated three million people with uncorrected refractive error.

Although more are now in training, in 2007 there was only one ophthalmologist per one million people and five optometrists, all in private practice. To help reverse this unacceptable situation Vision Aid Overseas has sent over 300 volunteer optical professionals to Zambia since 1999. 

Laura is a regular helper in Zambia

Laura will be volunteeering for two weeks, helping to provide essential eyecare at one of the specially set up eye health centres and this will be her third trip volunteering at the centres. 

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