Specsavers Wokingham store director, Sue Caskey, has put on her power walking boots and gone the extra mile for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk.

Breast cancer charity

Sue completed this year’s London MoonWalk in May and has so far raised over £300 on behalf of Walk the Walk. She has been joined by store staff who have sold badges and collected donations in support of Sue, who is hoping to raise £500.

Sean Caskey, store director at Southampton Wokingham, says: ‘Walk the Walk are a fantastic charity that do a fantastic job of raising awareness of and supporting victims of breast cancer, and we are delighted that we have been able to get behind Sue and help her raise valuable funds for such a great cause.'

Thanks to the people of Wokingham

‘We would like to thank the local people of Wokingham for their continued generosity and for supporting Sue in her marathon night walk across London.’

Specialise in powerwalking challenges

Walk the Walk are a breast cancer charity that specialise in powerwalking challenges as a way to raise money and awareness. MoonWalk was founded by Walk the Walk in and in 2014 participants have raised over £3.5 million.

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